Launch Day

wp_20170224_08_33_24_proIt’s the 24th February 2017 and Doris is back on the water! No dramas -well, not many.

With that landmark event I thought I’d better post something. Cy’s 1st post. We’ll see how that works out.

I’m sat in the saloon at the moment listening to the rain, surrounded by all the refit detritus and bits and pieces I think we “need” for the journey and all the other bits required for completing the (one or two, honest Sarah) jobs before we leave. I can’t move; both physically, the saloon is full of buckets and boxes which are themselves full of paint pots and bits of pipe and scrap diesel heaters or mentally, because I’ve already filled my allocated storage space twice over… Sarah thought I was joking when I said she only had space for three pairs of pants. I don’t think she was expecting to share either!

Because the somewhat ironically named storm Doris swept through the country yesterday, the hoist was delayed (I was going to sit in the crane slings overnight so I could get an early start on painting the last bits of antifouling) until today. In the end it worked out rather well. We couldn’t have asked for better; clear skys, a gentle breeze and Simon and Helen on hand to buff Doris’ bottom, catch lines, take photos and be an all round encouragement and support. Simon has now officially done the 1st leg of our big adventure -200 metres from the crane dock to our pontoon berth.

Stage 1 complete! (There’s been a few of these…)

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One Response to Launch Day

  1. val& Gary Baxter says:

    Thinking of you, best wishes for a successful and epic journey.


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