Not really homeless

I must be careful not to overdo the use of “first this” or “first that” but it is difficult when there are so many…

Tuesday was our 1st day living aboard without having Llwyn Derw, our beautiful cottage near Llanbedr, as home. Sarah spent the last couple of days scrubbing, cleaning, packing up the last of our belongings and scrubbing some more. I was busy. Man busy. Very, very man busy.

Doris is home now, at least for the next couple of years God willing.

It seems strange being without a house -those of you that know me from my van days will realise how far I have come; or fallen, depending on your point of view. Even if it’s only been 8 years, it’s been the whole of our married life which is an adventure in itself.

I will miss many things about living there, not least our lovely neighbours but materially it will be the woodstove, a Burley Brampton. Fetching, cutting, splitting and stacking firewood with frHopefully that's enough for winter...iends, watching it burn (which the Burley does beautifully) and feeling the heat is such a joy. I find something deep down satisfying about being so involved in the process of heating our home. Hunter gatherer? Butch caveman? ME?  I would have brought it with us if I could, it wouldn’t be the most impractical thing I’ve squirrelled away in Doris’ recesses I’m sure.

That all being said it feels quite freeing not being a stone dweller again (Sarah may have a different take on all this…).

I’d just like to mention at this point that I’m spending more time deleting than I am writing. It’s certainly making me aware of how much extraneous noise I produce when I’m talking. Be grateful, this is the stripped down version! Hopefully things will improve with practice… 

Anyway, there is also this nagging feeling of vulnerability. Although we are in an extremely privileged position in so many ways it’s now a lot easier for things to…. sink! I can’t imagine how much more difficult it must be mentally and emotionally not just physically for all those who aren’t secure in their situation.

Just a thought.

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