What are we doing…?

Now there’s a question. It depends who you ask, I suppose.

Doris for instance, is basking in the sun and gentle breezes (really!) of her berth in Pwllheli marina -Hafan Pwllheli to use its proper name, enjoying the sedentary life of her later years but deep down itching to get going, especially as the weather is so good. I guess she is also wincing at the bad language emanating from her aft lockers and wondering why we have to cram all this stuff into her anyway. She is a sailing boat after all, not a caravan.

Sarah (she’ll be along soon), is probably thinking much the same thing. From being frightened enough to go to bed and hide under the covers last time we were out in “a bit of a blow” to wondering why we can’t set sail in to the teeth of a Force 5 (wind strength, Beaufort scale, pretty breezy, if you’re interested) in the space of no more than 5 hrs coastal sailing. Quite an impressive leap of confidence; based, I think, on familiarity, study and a desire to be on our way after talking about it for so long. I suspect she’s also keen to get away from land and a postal address so I can’t keep buying essentials for our journey.

As well as encouraging me (in all senses of the word), Sarah’s also been doing more than her fair share of deep cleaning. Doris needs quite a lot of love after I’ve spent the past year doing my best to make her look like a garden shed.

Today’s particular highlight was giving our inflatable dinghy a good scrub and check over after being crammed in to its bag over 18 months ago and neglected ever since!P1000744She scrubs up quite well, don’t you think….?

As for me, head fluff seems to be the order of the day. The stuff inside my head not outside, that ceased to be a problem years ago. I mean the sort of stultifying (how many points is that?) non thinking brought about by too many jobs, lots of unfinished ideas multiplied by trying to watch the weather forecast for our dash south more than a week ahead of time; a complete waste!

More constructively speaking I’ve been able to finish rigging the sails, the lazy jacks (shall I explain? Nah, life’s too short. Yours not mine, I could go on for hours…), begin getting the last of our stuff stowed, building shelves for our clothes and shopping. Did I mention shopping? That’s been pretty epic over the last few days. We’ve made a few pretty big purchases too. Liferaft, flares, lifejacket spares, emergency man over board lights and extra long ropes to tie to the deeper locks on the way. 40 meters each, I hope that’P1000748s enough. David at Glaslyn Marine in Porthmadog did us some very good deals, which we were really grateful for. I know there’s more but Sarah will be checking my spelling later so I’ll leave it at that.

We’ll finish with a picture Sarah took while she was out on her regular run.



And one the night before.

Not bad eh? It reminded us that we’re already on our adventure and not just waiting for it to start. As Sarah succinctly put it, “I’m quite enjoying being retired”.



Not gloating, just thinking how blessed we are…


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6 Responses to What are we doing…?

  1. Jane says:

    Love getting your updates,
    You have the rest of your lives to get going so take it steady
    By the way the chutney is delicious!


  2. Beth Pepper says:

    Loved reading your blog and looking at your photos. Best of luck. Beth, Scott and Faith xx


  3. mutts1776 says:

    Such a good writer! very easy to read. Of course it helps that the subject matter includes two of my most favorite people. XX

    Liked by 1 person

    • deardoris13 says:

      Thanks Helen, for the encouragement and the loveliness. We’ll try and blog a bit more but we’re still flat out getting Doris ship shape at the moment. Nearly there. All part of the adventure, I guess. I hope you’re both well and smiling your beautiful smiles xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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