A quick update…..

So, full story to come later, but just a brief progress update. We left Pensarn Harbour at 330 am on 4th April. Was that yesterday? I have no idea! The original plan was to head straight to Falmouth, but the elements got the better of us and with all 3 crew members down with seasickness at various times, Cy decided to head to Milford Haven instead. We put down anchor at 10pm last night, had dinner and a nights rest. Last minute engine checks are happening now and then next stop Falmouth, hopefully! 

John and Simon awaiting order to lift anchor. 

Cy carrying out engine checks.

I’m doing the important job of writing a blog post however duty calls. More when we reach Falmouth. 

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11 Responses to A quick update…..

  1. Jane says:

    Loving hearing of your progress x

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  2. kevan Whittle says:

    Stop messing about Cy. Get out there! Kev

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  3. Helen says:

    Hope the next leg is a bit calmer! x


  4. Wootton says:

    Oh bless, that sound rough. Stay safe your four & Cy be kind if their poorly! xx

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  5. val& Gary Baxter says:

    Plotting your course with much interest, hope all are well by now. xx


    • deardoris13 says:

      Dolphins, night sailing, good company, brilliant. At least that’s what I think! Crew are well and performing their duties without too much application of the cat o nines…


  6. Nicola Williams says:

    Hope the sailing on from Milford Haven is calmer ….. dolphins, night sailing, good company ….. all sounds wonderful. Am totally envious and offer my services as crew if ever required! Have a great trip and will love reading this blog along your way. Safe journeys. Nicola Xxx

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