2nd-5th April 2017

A few ups and downs, literally!  The first stage of the journey was scheduled for the morning of Sunday 2nd April.  We were blessed with a beautiful morning, bright sunshine and calm sea, although Cy would have preferred a bit more wind.  Simon and Helen joined us in Pwllheli marina at 8am ready for departure.  Final preparations included topping up water and then over to the fuel dock and departed at 0915.  Helen watched from the shore and waved us off.


Leaving Pwllheli harbour.

The trip across Tremadog Bay to Pensarn was a delight, calm and gentle, and a very pleasant introduction for Simon and myself.  We arrived into Pensarn and picked up a mooring at around 13:45. The rest of the day was spent with a few chores. Cy managed to make a start on building a mast support and making fender boards. We then enjoyed a wonderful evening with Simon and Helen – thank you!

Monday 3rd dawned and Cy was able to finish off the jobs from the previous day. Our 4th crew member, John (Cy’s dad), arrived at 16:30. As soon as all were aboard, we moved Doris from the mooring to being at anchor close to the harbour entrance ready for a 3 am departure. This was a tentative creep on a rapidly dropping tide. One of the engines overheated but Cy and John were able to sort the problem. 

3am on the 4th arrived and we were seen off at this unsociable hour by Mark, Jane and Luke who came out in a powerboat to see us off. Thanks guys, it was brilliant. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a lumpy exit from the harbour and the sea was much rougher than expected. All of this conspired to cause a sick crew! John coped the best and was able to function. Simon recovered with the daylight, but I was out until about 5pm. The planned watch system and run all the way to Falmouth was abandoned and a stop at Milford Haven was decided upon. We dropped anchor there at about 10pm after 19 hours in pretty extreme conditions.Thankfully, the anchor held well and everyone (even Cy!) was able to sleep. The next morning (5th) involved a few jobs.

We left the anchorage in the early afternoon headed for Falmouth. 

Everyone was well and the watch system was implemented. At around 10pm, a truly magical event occurred when we were joined by a pod of dolphins. Seeing them playing in the moonlight was something none of us will forget in a hurry! 

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  1. Helen says:

    Lovely, lovely ,lovely. xxxx

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