6th-8th April 

Our watch system continued from the night before and we made reasonable time. Lands End was initially sighted at around 6am and we passed the Runnelstone Cardinal at 1130.  As the wind was against us, we had to motor along the coast. The afternoon passed well and the approach to Falmouth was straightforward. We tied up to our berth at the brilliant Falmouth Haven just after 6pm. First order of business was to fill our water tanks and then a much needed shower. All of us felt unsteady on land!

Doris on her berth.

It was a beautiful evening in Falmouth and once the ablutions had been attended to it was straight to a pub for beer and grub. The usual levels of witty repartee dropped slightly due to everyone being exhausted. 

Friday 7th was another glorious day. Doris was cleaned, laundry and shopping were done and still the captain had more jobs for the crew.

We made the decision to stay on for another night as the wind direction for heading east was not due to be right for a couple of days.   We all enjoyed the fabulous sunshine and great vibe that Falmouth offered. 

Saturday 8th was goodbye Falmouth day, and yet again the sun shined for us.

Fuel, water and provisions were all topped up and we headed out around 14:30. As conditions were still not favourable for going east, we decided to have a look at Helford. Managed to pick up a visitor mooring and then all piled into the dinghy headed to the Shipwrights Arms to meet the lovely Ian R for a quick beverage. Unfortunately the outboard failed halfway across and Cy had to row us. Even more fun was had when we wobbled out of the pub several hours later. The tide had gone right out and the jetty was now a considerable distance from the water line. Much swearing, giggling and getting stuck in mud occurred but eventually we all ended up safe and sound back on Doris.

Cy and John in the dinghy.

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3 Responses to 6th-8th April 

  1. Alix says:

    Can just imagine you guy’s wadding through the mud 😂


  2. Helen n Shaun says:

    Love reading about your adventures! 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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